Rusty Hangings and other Conversations

We are both enjoying the interaction and conversations with visitors coming to the Studio to see what we have been developing. My work links with my current themes, including the collection of rusted metal sidings that came ashore in January.

DSC_0809A number of people make a bee-line for them, delighting in the shared fascination of  the rust and the beauty revealed by the weathering of the metal …..’what have you done to them’….’have you done anything to them?’……..’no – they came ashore like this’……


Others go close up and look at the textures and marks emerging from the rust, and feel how light the sheets are.

DSC_0812One visitor commented on the floor piece and that she’d wrap it in fabric to create a huge rusted cloth.       Another that she was driving in the country with a friend when she spotted a rusted shed – ‘pull over!’ – ‘why?’ ‘ it’s beautiful, I want to sketch it’ -‘ but it’s just a rusted shed’……

‘This is the best thing I’ve seen’ said another.

Sue’s ‘breasts’ have had some interesting reactions – ‘what are they for?’ asked someone last weekend

Sue King (1)

Sue King (2)

Another had an inspired idea – light switches!  New design directions beckon….





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