Selected comments

RCC photos studio (5)‘Very good show – the collaboration between the two of you is exquisite…walking into the studio is invigorating’. Waltraud Boxall.

‘Great to be able to talk to the artists – love seeing all of the different work’.  Beca Jones

RCC photos outside (2)



‘Fabulous venue, really interesting and thought provoking’.  Wanda and David Garner

Really good idea – gives public opportunity to see how art is done…’ Maria Newcombe

RCC photos studio (6)‘Wonderful  idea to explore new ideas and share skills’. Carrie Lynam Crafts Council Ireland

‘Great to have HG at Ruthin Craft Centre‘, Maria Hayes

‘Really interesting collaboration.’  Wendy Proctor


RCC photos studio (2)
‘Fantastic opportunity for the artists to get their work seen and for the public to meet the person behind the art work.’ Joan Newcombe

‘High standard of work from dedicated artists‘ Julia Smutt





We install the exhibition tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing Sue’s finished pieces.

Sue (1)

Sue (2)

It’s been a great collaboration and for me the exploration of Cyanotype and ceramic is just beginning….


Wax impressions

Trying out rubbing the wax impressions from the barnacle encrusted bisque ware onto shell and crab shapes.  The wax resists the Cyanotype solution, creating a textured network on the surface.




Planning now to take this further with gold leaf to resonate with 19C blue and white ware trimmed with gold.