Helfa Gelf and Ruthin Craft Centre Collaboration

We have had a great  time here in Studio 5 for this Residency, and the opportunity it gave to interact and engage with the public. Their delight in the Cyanotype process and interest in the ceramic results from both of us has been a great feature of this Residency.

RCC 001


216 people visited the studio over the  Helfa Gelf Weekends – over 100 people  each weekend.  The Studio was open throughout the week as well, so the final total would be even higher.


shed view


We got to know the Courtyard well – a real suntrap on this side – and a lovely place to wander, sit and explore – it’s a welcoming entrance to the Galleries and Exhibitions beyond.  A number of people were new to Ruthin Craft Centre and to the idea of visiting a gallery. Seeing us outside exploring a process with such immediate results that was so accessible on a starter level, encouraged folk to pause, go into the studio to look at the work and even create a Cyanotype.

blog 5

clay disc rinsing2

There were positive comments on the collaboration, and on seeing Helfa Gelf in Ruthin Craft Centre.

We found the opportunity for conversation and engagement enabled us to review our own work



Sue King

blog 8DSC_0699

Sian Hughes

A strong outcome is the realization that we want to continue this collaborative exploration of Ceramic and Cyanotype.

Many thanks to all concerned: Ruthin Craft Centre and Philip Hughes for hosting this; Sioned Phillips for all her support; Helfa Gelf for the Residency opportunity.