Ceramic puzzles

We continue to be puzzled by the reactions – or lack of reactions – of the two clays I recently bought. I started the project using clay that Sue kindly gave me to get me going, which took the solution on both semi-glazed and plain ware. I also rinsed where Sue did not – but the results for both of us were by and large successful.

This was a piece I rolled very thinly….
blog 7Here, semi -glaze in progress from a shell form series I was exploring…the result was fine with clearly defined solution in the glaze cracks….


Emboldened by my kiln firing and clay preparation I then ordered my own clay which has either not taken the solution at all -or very reluctantly with a matt finish, different and  still attractive

blog 3

blog 8

Sue and I have been mulling this over with each other and with any ceramicists that pop in! The firing does not seem to be the problem, but it’s possible I bought earthenware rather than stoneware …..but I have yet to track this down further.